Set Cuscino Ortopedico Schiena E Cuscino Lombare Sedia, Cuscini Posturali in Gel Infuso (Nero)

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  • Gel Memory Foam di Qualità: I cuscini posturali per ufficio sono realizzati in gel infuso Memory Foam, materiale sensibile al calore e in grado di adattarsi alla forma del corpo
  • Fresca Sensazione di Seduta: La struttura traspirante dei cuscini per la schiena favorisce la ventilazione, non trattiene il calore e dona una confortevole sensazione di freschezza
  • Il Giusto Supporto per la Schiena: Il cuscino lombare ortopedico permette di rilassare la parte superiore, media e inferiore della schiena, offrendo un supporto che la sedia non riesce a garantire
  • Sollievo per il Coccige: Grazie alla particolare forma a “U”, il cuscino seduta per mal di schiena attutisce il contatto con le superfici dure, supportando il coccige e la parte inferiore del corpo
  • Favorisce una Postura Corretta: I cuscini per sedie da scrivania alleviano la pressione su aree delicate del corpo, favorendo una postura corretta e un maggior rilassamento


Il cuscino seduta per mal di schiena traspirante e il cuscino lombare ortopedico sono realizzati in gel infuso Memory Foam di altissima qualità.

I cuscini per la schiena hanno una struttura traspirante che garantisce una fresca sensazione di comfort.

La struttura è morbida e resistente, pertanto, non si appiattisce né indurisce con il passare del tempo. I cuscini, oltre a sostenere schiena, coccige e la parte inferiore del corpo, promuovono una postura corretta.

Il materiale dei cuscini per sedie da scrivania è sensibile al calore, adattandosi a ogni forma.

Attenzione: il lato inferiore antiscivolo può macchiare le superfici in pelle chiara. Prima di utilizzare il cuscino, lavare con acqua calda e sapone. Una volta asciutto, verificare la tenuta del colore con un asciugamano bagnato con acqua calda.

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    100 recensioni per Set Cuscino Ortopedico Schiena E Cuscino Lombare Sedia, Cuscini Posturali in Gel Infuso (Nero)

    1. 5 di 5

      A. W. Sutherland

      I purchased this support primarily to use in my car. I suffer from sciatica which can be aggravated by long car journeys and the low seat position in my car (a Nissan Leaf). The cushion I find is just a tad too short (front to rear) to cover my car seat and therefore takes a bit of faffing to find the comfortable “sweet spot” before driving off. Also when wearing a heavy-ish coat/raincoat it can be awkward getting in to the car and sliding under the steering wheel. This tends to cause the cushion to move sideways and repositioning it whilst sitting on it and wearing a coat can be a bit awkward. Once correctly positioned however the cushion is comfortable and does help relieve the sciatica pain. I also have a slight issue with the lumbar support insomuch that whilst the support itself is good, I find that when cornering in the vehicle the lack of “side bolstering” to prevent sideways rolling of your upper body is initially a bit disconcerting until you get used to it. Not a massive problem for me as I am of an age where I am past driving at speed around corners but something to take into consideration if you are looking to use this product in your car. Despite these couple of issues, overall I am pretty happy with the support given by this cushion and lumbar support

    2. 5 di 5


      good product. Reliable delivery.

    3. 5 di 5

      carlos siso pujol

      El dolor del coxis desaparece de inmediato en cualquier asiento donde coloques el cojín. Donde realmente se producía una tortura era en el coche al no tener alternativa de cambio de postura. El cojín junto con el respaldo ya pueden venir viajes largos. El conjunto está muy bien diseñado, el cojín tiene una dureza más elevada que el respaldo lo que permite amoldar la espalda y el cojín no baja su intensidad al sentarte en él, súper satisfecho con la compra.

    4. 1 di 5


      Come molti, ho comprato questo cuscino per alleviare la stanchezza data dalle tante ore seduto al PC.Purtroppo da subito e’ apparso chiaro che la (inutile?) protuberanza presente nella parte anteriore preme parecchio sulle parti intime creando una sensazione di disagio iniziale che poi e’ diventata dolore dopo una mezz’ora circa.A quel punto l’ho reimballato e restituito.

    5. 5 di 5


      Love it

    6. 5 di 5


      This is a great deal. And both cushions are really nice and firm. I had 2 lumbar surgeries and these help sitting in chairs pretty good. Much more comfy

    7. 5 di 5

      H. Norris

      I bought this to make the regular wooden dining chairs we have at home work for 8 hours per day work from home while we are social distancing for covid. Whereas I couldn’t sit on the chair all day without a sore tuchus, this makes it bearable by the end of the day, and at the end of the week. That being said, I am ready to be done sitting on it as soon as I am done working, so it doesn’t make a chair suddenly into a 16 hours per day seat.I read other negative reviews which made me worry about purchasing, but all brands seemed to be the same….so here’s my own experience relative to them:– re: “mold” mine had no mold on them. I do think some of the black cover, or lint from it transfers, but I was careful to inspect when I first got them, because I would have returned if I thought it was mold. This was the most concerning to me. For me, it was just lint. They did smell a little funny, but it was chemical smell, not mold, and that is pretty typical for memory foam. I left them outside overnight to air out and all is fine.– re: too squishy/flattens. A member of my household who weighs 300 pounds sat on this for over an hour and did not experience the cushion overly flattening. Of course it squishes, but it has always sprung back so far, and provided comfortable cushioning. I wouldn’t say this is soft, it’s quite firm. I do notice that the cushion has different comfort levels on different chairs/styles. Both of my main chairs at home have wooden seats, but on one of them, this cushion set is a lot more comfortable. Go figure! So if you have some options yourself, maybe try that. I actually think a very lightweight person like a teenager might sit on this and not get any squish at all and find it a little bit hard!– re: chair damage — it does have small rubbery nubs glued to the bottom side of the cushion. It’s helpful so it is not sliding around relative to your hard chair. No marks left on our finished wood chairs.–re: previously opened. My box was not really well taped shut (edges of flaps had a gap) but when I pulled off the tape, the graphics on the box peeled off too, so it would be evident if someone had untaped and re-taped. I think that tape job may come from the factory. So, I can’t say for sure that it was 100% not opened before, but it didn’t appear to be to my eye, just a bit sloppy on the inital box taping. If it had been opened and returned/resealed, they did a fine job re-packing.–re: cracks or tears after moderate use. I have had for 2 weeks, no problem. Fingers crossed it gets me through the covid shut down. When I was inspecting the foam, I did notice that it looks like there was at least one “fold” in the foam — like a cold shut – where it was in the mold and formed a bit of a surface that goes into the volume of the foam. That could be a weak point and might be the cause of future tearing, but has held up so far. That may depend on the location and direction of the fold in the material. So – maybe a potential manufacturing issue there.In summary. Pleased with the purchase. It’s sufficient for my purposes, I have not personally experienced any of the negative features other people found.

    8. 5 di 5


      Todo muy correcto y comodo

    9. 5 di 5


      this may be a great product but it just didn’t work for my Back issues. I have osteo arthritis and Sciatica along with a birth defect of minimal cartilage which might be why the seat cushion just seemed to make it worse.I am returning it. the Lumbar support part of it was fine.

    10. 5 di 5

      Chase M. Jenkins

      Pretty good product and it works… ended up buying another set for a friend who also works from home. The only negative is that the straps that go around the back are long so if you have a non traditional office chair you’ll need to make some of your own adjustments by sewing or using a clip to help secure. Also a plus you can use you FSA dollars

    11. 5 di 5

      Sofia HZ

      Köpte för att jag skadat svanskotan o inte kan sitta ordentligt. Jättebra med denna o ryggkudden var ett plus.

    12. 5 di 5


      Good Product.

    13. 5 di 5

      obert sylvie

      J’ai un meilleur maintien au niveau du dos et du bassin. Moins de douleur quand je suis assis plusieurs heures.

    14. 5 di 5

      Joaquim Rosa

      Bom produto, rápido na entrega, aconselho.

    15. 5 di 5


      This is a good set of pads, but the seat is so thick that when you put it into the car, it will elevate you out of the “bucket” element of the chair which makes you so unstable that it’s ultimately worse (unless you are looking for a core workout in addition to seat support– in the long run, potentially good for your back? but when you’re in acute pain, not so much). I keep the lumbar support in the car, but that also has an impact on positioning in the seat, with some instability around turns, though less than the two combined. However, I can definitely vouch for its support– it does not give out even after a 9 hour car trip.

    16. 1 di 5


      Come molti, ho comprato questo cuscino per alleviare la stanchezza data dalle tante ore seduto al PC.Purtroppo da subito e’ apparso chiaro che la (inutile?) protuberanza presente nella parte anteriore preme parecchio sulle parti intime creando una sensazione di disagio iniziale che poi e’ diventata dolore dopo una mezz’ora circa.A quel punto l’ho reimballato e restituito.

    17. 5 di 5


      Ich sitze täglich bis zu 10 Stunden am Stück vor dem PC und habe eigentlich einen sehr guten Sessel.Aber selbst der beste Memory-Schaum ist nach ein paar Monaten durchgesessen.Schon beim ersten Mal benutzen des Produkts ist arbeiten SO viel angenehmer.Die Oberfläche ist perfekt, nicht zu weich, nicht zu hart. Gerade als gewichtiger Mann lange zu sitzen hat zufolge, dass mir das ein oder andere Mal der komplette Unterteil meines Körpers einschläft. Dies ist damit vollkommen zunichte gemacht.Auch das Rückenkissen lässt sich mit den extra dazugelieferten Erweiterungs-Clips ausgezeichnet anpassen.Bin extrem zufrieden und überlege es mir nochmal zu kaufen für mein Büro in der Arbeit.

    18. 5 di 5


      A friend of mine had one of these since she broke her tailbone in her teens. I used it a few times while doing office work, and while driving a tow truck (which I did basically 24/7) I have horrible back pain everyday and I’m only in my thirties so finding the right things that work for me so Im not in pain is important. I love this cushion so I bought my own with the back cushion. Works great for when I’m working in my office for hours at end. Highly Suggest!

    19. 5 di 5

      daniela basagni

      Molto comodo

    20. 5 di 5



    21. 5 di 5


      Para empezar vi que el cojín se puede comprar por separado pero creo que este paquete era mejor porque ya venia con el respaldo y ya te salían mas baratos los dos.Ahora, el cojín es excelente, la verdad es que ya usando mi silla de oficina sin este cojín vaya que se siente dura, es decir una vez que lo usas ya no hay vuelta atrás, pero tienen que fijarse que su silla no tenga ya un respaldo para espalda baja, de lo contrario sera super incomo usar el respaldo, que fue lo que me paso. Como mi silla ya tenia ese respaldo para la espalda baja, al poner este respaldo de espalda ya era incomodo así que tuve que quitarla. Y pues hasta ahora ese ha sido mi único inconveniente con este producto, si bien el respaldo ya no lo pude usar en mi silla de oficina, la ocupo en esas sillas que no traen su respaldo y la verdad es que es super cómoda.Y pues es buen producto pero solo revisen que si su silla ya tiene respaldo lo mas probable es que ya sea incomodo usar el respaldo para la espalda y la otra observación es que igual si su silla ya tiene el respaldo que soporta la espalda baja que se pueda mover mas arriba porque al poner el cojín pues aumenta la altura y se vuelve incomodo en la parte baja, por suerte mi silla si tenia la opción de subir el soporte si no la verdad es que hubiera quebrado el soporte jaja.PS. siento que esta muy caro el producto, pero a mi ya me urgía porque paso mucho tiempo sentado y mi silla ya me cansaba y tuve que “gastar” pero a excepción del inconveniente que les comentaba, valió la pena el “gasto”.

    22. 5 di 5

      Michel Charlier

      Etant longtemps à l’ordinateur, j’espère que ces coussins amélioreront mon mal de dos

    23. 1 di 5

      Mario Rubino

      Pessimo rapporto qualità prezzo, articolo di materiale scadente che non risponde alla descrizione fatta su Amazon. Voglie renderlo e fatemi sapere come fare. Grazie.

    24. 3 di 5

      Cliente Amazon

      Cuscino arrivato velocemente e ben confezionato. Purtroppo ho dovuto fare il reso perché l’imbottitura non é morbida come pensavo.

    25. 1 di 5

      Mario Rubino

      Pessimo rapporto qualità prezzo, articolo di materiale scadente che non risponde alla descrizione fatta su Amazon. Voglie renderlo e fatemi sapere come fare. Grazie.

    26. 5 di 5


      快適性:このクッションセットのおかげで、長時間のデスクワークが格段に快適になりました。ジェル低反発素材が体圧を均等に分散し、長時間座っていても疲れにくいです。ランバーサポートピローは背中にしっかりフィットし、姿勢をサポートしてくれます。素材と耐久性: カバーは肌触りが良く、取り外して洗濯ができるのでいつも清潔に保てます。ジェル低反発素材はしっかりとしており、使い始めて数ヶ月経っても形状が崩れることはありません。フィット感と調整可能性:私の使っているオフィスチェアにぴったりフィットしました。調整ストラップもしっかりしており、動かないので安心して使えます。デザイン:シンプルで洗練されたデザインで、どんなオフィス環境にも馴染みます。価格について:価格は少し高めですが、その価値は十分にあります。長時間のデスクワークに悩んでいる方には特におすすめしたい製品です。総評:長時間座ることが多い方や、背中へのサポートを求めている方にとって、このランバーサポートピロー&オフィスチェアクッションのコンボは最適です。値段に見合った価値があると思います。私のオフィスライフが格段に快適になったので、全てのオフィスワーカーに試してほしい製品です。

    27. 5 di 5

      Amazon カスタマーAmazon カスタマー


    28. 5 di 5

      Rick and Chelle Smith

      It is what I expected

    29. 5 di 5

      Luna S.Luna S.

      I have been using this cushion for around a month to help with my back posture while working from my home. I sit at a desk 8+hrs a day and thought this would help provide some back pain relief. Here are some of my thoughts…PROS:- the bottom cushion is very soft and comfortable and feels like there’s adequate support. I am quite petite and was worried this would not fit, however if I sit all the way back in the chair I find it does the job.- the back pillow also provides adequate support, however I can’t use it for long periods at a time with the bottom pillow as I find myself wanting to curl up or sit in a different posture because my back is forced to be upright all the time which can be uncomfortableCONS:- the back panel of the cushion does not attach properly with my chair. If you’re getting this make sure your chair is wide enough/is not shaped weirdly as the back pillow may not attach properly (as in picture). The back pillow keeps slipping down on my chair so I’ve given up and don’t really use it much.- pilling/loose threads. This is very minor but I’ve noticed early signs of wear and tear. The embroidery on the logo has come off slightly and I’ve had to cut it to avoid it getting loose and there’s quite a lot of dust that catches on. It would be nice if there were different colours to choose from (perhaps beige/ a lighter colour) to minimize the appearance of dust/hair for people that care more about cleanliness.Overall, this has definitely helped with my posture and is a value add for the price, however I wish there were more sizes or different colours to complement someone of a smaller figure/different aesthetic tastes.

    30. 5 di 5


      Pasé de muchas horas de pie a tener que estar muchas horas sentada, y literalmente me dolía el trasero. Así que alivia bastante el asiento pero el respaldo para mi gusto es demasiado estrecho en cuanto no cubre la espalda entera y lo veo un poquito ancho de grosor. Da la sensación de que te empuja; aunque después de una semana llegas a acostumbrarte, así que lo recomiendo porque aliviar alivia y te corrige la postura de la espalda

    31. 5 di 5


      I bought this to help since I had lumbar spine surgery at the end of December. I am loving both the seat cushion and the lumbar pillow.

    32. 5 di 5


      After 6 months, I’ve changed my rating.In car: The back pushes you too far forward in the seat, eliminating any of the side bolster support, heated seat back warmth. The seat lifts you too high, eliminates any side bolster support, no heated seat warmth. Not recommended.In house: the back gives great lumbar support on my recliner. The straps will only work on chairs and not on recliners or couches. So expect to manually adjust the back every time you use it on a couch.The seat is actually a booster seat, raising you at least 2″. It’s comfortable, but I find I only use it on a short chair that I want to sit up in. Otherwise, I cannot get my feet on the floor with most chairs.They work, but not as sold. I’ll keep them but continue my search for car options.

    33. 5 di 5

      Gun toting great-grandmother

      I really like the back Support sometimes the bottom feels a bit hard for me. All in all it’s a good set.

    34. 5 di 5

      Michelle N

      I bought the product for my wife. She does a lot of highway and gravel road driving with her job and her vehicle doesn’t have good suspension. Recently, she’s been complaining about her back and hips being sore. I started researching and stumbled upon this product and seen most reviews had been positive so ai purchased a set. After using the back support and seat cushion, she already noticed a big difference with having a more comfortable driving experience. She mentioned that the cushion seat absorbs the vibrations when driving on gravel and bumpy roads so her hips are not as sore at the end of the day. And having the back cushion makes the long drives so much comfortable for her too. We are happy to own this product and would highly recommend it! I just want to mention how impressed I am with the prompt response I got from Upper Echelon Products when I brought up a small issue with the stitching on the strap for the back cushion. It was a minor thing but they cared so much about their customer’s experience so they sent a replacement right away.

    35. 5 di 5

      DB n MB

      This product has transformed my experience at work. The chair caused me so much pain at my new job but this product has virtually eliminated it.The only thing I wish was different is if the seat piece could have straps like the back piece to keep it in place. You have to frequently move it back into position when you sit down.It has a rubber/vinyl like texture with raised bumps but it doesn’t keep it in place on a leather chair.

    36. 5 di 5


      c est un bon produit j enleve des etoiles car il glisse au niveau du siegeje suis obligé de le remettre a chaque fois peur qu il tombequelqu un a til une idée adhesif quoi mettre pour qu il glisse pas?je tiens a dire que la qualité est lamais j ai mis le produit a l envers pour ne pas etre gené au niveau de mon anatomie intimeun super conseil pour les futurs acheteurmettez l avant en arriere et le confort pour les hommes est mieux

    37. 5 di 5

      Eber Valdez

      Es súper cómodo, antes me dolía mucho la espalda al estar sentado por horas, desde que uso el producto se redujo considerablemente las molestias. Solo un detalle los seguros para sujetar el cojín de la espalda no son tan ajustables, mi silla es algo chica y por lo tanto queda un poco suelto usando los sujetadores.

    38. 5 di 5



    39. 5 di 5


      Does the job, no complaints

    40. 2 di 5


      mi aspettavo di meglio, nessun giovamento alla schiena

    41. 5 di 5

      martha guadalupe gonzalez alanis

      me siento muy comoda con el, de buena calidad,

    42. 5 di 5


      Es muy cómodo y confortable se adapta bien, material bueno, el cuerpo se hunde y recupera su forma, contengo con la compra.

    43. 5 di 5


      Llevo 7 meses con el producto y no se ha deformado solo se ha adaptado ami cuerpo y tengo que decir que es super comodo y un alivio para la espalda.El cojin para el trasero te levanta demasiado por lo cual solo sirve si tienes un escritorio muy alto porque de lo contrario quedas demasiado arriba y se vuelve incomodo, pero en general es muy comodo sentarse en el lo recomiendo más para cuando vas en carro que para la oficina.

    44. 5 di 5


      Supporta molto bene alleviando la pressione sul coccige sia sulla poltrona in ufficio che sul sedile dell’auto

    45. 5 di 5


      I bought this four weeks ago and have used it for about three weeks. For some context, I spend a lot of time (anywhere from 6-8 hours a day) at my desk to attend classes or study. My back had been a mess since September because my chair doesn’t have the right support.First, the product came in good condition and the package was smaller than I expected it to be. The cushion and lumbar were easy to install. The straps on the lumbar are easy to adjust depending on how wide or narrow the back of your chair is. The back of my chair is narrow at the top, so I was worried that it wouldn’t hug my chair securely, but it didn’t turn out to be a problem.Second, my back still hurt when I first starting using the cushion and lumbar. Lol. I had to spend some time getting used to the lumbar. The pain went away after a few days, maybe a week. I think it was because I’d been sitting uncomfortably/incorrectly for so long that my spine had to adjust to sitting correctly. After that adjustment period, the pain disappeared. My back and shoulders didn’t ache anymore when I get up for my study breaks. (This might be unrelated but I’ve also been able to sleep better at night.) So I guess I’d recommend using it for a while and seeing if there’s an improvement in your comfort level before writing it off as a total loss.Just as a note: The seat cushion adds anywhere from an inch or two to your chair. That extra height on your chair might make it uncomfortable for your knees and thighs, so I’d recommend using something as a footrest if your desk and chair are high like mine are. I already had a memory foam footrest, so I didn’t have an issue.All in all, worth every penny for me. I don’t know how I survived for 6 months without it.

    46. 5 di 5

      Muhammad Haider Raza

      Seat cushion is good and supportive, but back support is not for me. I get mored tired while using it. So I am using it as a foot rest.

    47. 5 di 5

      Inanc Tahsin

      Araba koltuguna , sirt destek yastigi tam oturmadigi icin . Sirti iyi destekleyemiyor. Ama oturma yastigi oldukca rahat..

    48. 5 di 5


      I drive fork lift 12 hours a day, and I couldn’t take the jarring bumps on my spine anymore, so I bought this set. I don’t use the back cushion as much, as it tends to crowd the small fork lift seat a bit much, so i just use the butt cushion more, and my back super duper appreciates it!!Recommended purchase!!

    49. 5 di 5

      Regina Ainsworth

      I use this at home and take it on the road with me for classes. It takes the stress off my back as I teach. Would definitely buy again.

    50. 5 di 5

      Joshua Blomfield

      I got this after a co-worker recommended it following back problems. I work on freight trains and spend long hours sitting in low quality seats, rocking around, then sleeping in hotel beds which are hit and miss. Paired with sport injuries, I have aches in my mid back which seem to flare up when I work a lot.After only a week of consistently using this my posture feels way better, pain is reduced and I feel more balanced and stronger through my core; I tuck my hips right back against the seat and push the lumbar support down, then lean back into it. I find it takes tension off the back muscles allowing you to use abdominals for support instead, lessening spine compression. It has excellent lateral support which was important to me, being on a moving train which rocks about a lot.I gave comfort 4/5 as the seat pad could really be a little longer, or designed with a roll-off at the front. It’s handy if you want a little boost or the seat is wood for example, but I don’t tend to use it much unless I foresee my butt going numb, as the hard 90º leading edge has a tendency to put pressure on my hamstrings which agitates/is uncomfortable for me. Maybe I’ll take the cover off and shave some foam away.

    51. 5 di 5

      Client d’Amazon

      Comfortable te efficace

    52. 3 di 5

      Cliente Amazon

      Cuscino arrivato velocemente e ben confezionato. Purtroppo ho dovuto fare il reso perché l’imbottitura non é morbida come pensavo.

    53. 5 di 5

      Greta WA

      These seem to be ok so far. Not as soft as I expected but should be long lasting. Seem to be well made. The bottom is not meant for larger bottom folks. You would hang over the edges of it! Just was a bit pricey in my opinion.

    54. 5 di 5

      Diego Ramírez Obregón

      Esta bueno, pero creí que venía más grande el respaldo, aunque no deja de ser cómodo, sin duda excelente opción para calidad precio , vale la pena comprar el reposa pies también.Aún no lo he lavado , pero no guarda olores.Obviamente llega un punto en qué si estás sentado mucho tiempo se va “comprimiendo” , pero solo es cuestión de levantarse y dejarlo “airear” y listo

    55. 5 di 5

      Maffei Karine

      Très confortable. Le dos et le bas du dos sont droit

    56. 5 di 5

      andrey v boynetskiyandrey v boynetskiy

      Very comfortable to sit on and have good back support. As good as advertised. Would definitely recommend to friends and relatives.

    57. 5 di 5



    58. 5 di 5


      The seat cushion is stiff, but soft, however theback rest will not stay in place no matter how tight I get it, so it really bothers my back to keep adjusting while I’m driving.

    59. 5 di 5


      We all had one of these seat cushions at one of my previous job and I found it made sitting for hours very comfortable, so when I recently suffered a back injury which made sitting uncomfortable, I ordered this right away. I don’t use the backrest but it was only a few dollars more for the set vs the seat cushion alone, so I’ll save it for if I ever need it.The cushion has been used almost daily at my kitchen table for a few weeks now and remains firm and supportive. I believe it has helped my recovery.

    60. 5 di 5


      Back supports works perfectly just wish that the support straps were rigid than elastic alright strong is very much moving a lot than staying stationary depending on the persons movement.As for the seat if you are an average man chances are gonna have the same opinion as me that the way these seats are designed does not have enough of the sitting area towards the butt side of the seat and is rather annoying if your butt surface area isn’t small. Because those two legs of that seat are what you are supposed to sit on and chances are if you are an average male you are gonna find it a little lacking. It’s not uncomfortable but rather that the inner edges of the two legs of the seat are gonna be poking you. It can be fixed if you have foam and fill the gap with a thin layer of spongy cushion. But it doesn’t make it a deal-breaker though. It still is comfortable and although I recently bought it so I can’t say that I am used to it. But down a month of two of usage Ill update.

    61. 5 di 5


      So far, the relief it gives whether for office chair or driving. Good to know this product has lifetime warranty.

    62. 5 di 5

      T. Haupt

      I haven’t had these too long to determine if it helps with my back pain yet. But they feel great under my rear end and on my back!! I would definitely recommend!!

    63. 5 di 5

      Client d’Amazon

      Comfortable te efficace

    64. 5 di 5


      The products look nice and came in very good packaging. The foam material also seem of good quality and highly durable. However, I ended up using just the back cushion because even though the seat cushion does help avoid tailbone pain, it is just too firm for me so after sitting for a while it causes a feeling of restricted blood flow to my legs. Maybe if there are options for level of firmness/softer seat I would give it a try.

    65. 5 di 5


      Confort assuré.Nécessite un dossier de chaise plutôt large pour le maintien du soutien lombaire, ou trouver un truc pour resserrer la sangle.

    66. 5 di 5



    67. 5 di 5

      Roger Mtz

      Llego muy bien empacado y es como se describe en la publicación, apenas lo estoy usando y si es cómodo, al menos me ayuda con la espalda a que no me duela por estar sentando largas horas, lo estoy usando en una silla Razer Silla Gamer Iskur.

    68. 2 di 5


      mi aspettavo di meglio, nessun giovamento alla schiena

    69. 5 di 5


      Supporta molto bene alleviando la pressione sul coccige sia sulla poltrona in ufficio che sul sedile dell’auto

    70. 5 di 5

      Angel Sáez

      Alivia el dolor en rabadilla y lumbaresEl ajuste a la silla del cojín para espalda es mejorable y debería ser más fijo

    71. 5 di 5

      Sofia HZ

      Köpte för att jag skadat svanskotan o inte kan sitta ordentligt. Jättebra med denna o ryggkudden var ett plus.

    72. 5 di 5

      Jose Manuel

      Great quality and design.. it should come in different sizes as I’m a big and tall man.. so my a…s would not fit in. Where is the XL or XXL?

    73. 5 di 5


      I’ve been having chronic back pain for a long time. The cushion helps relief my back pain from sitting down in the office all day. I’m buying another one for my friend.

    74. 5 di 5

      Amazon カスタマー


    75. 5 di 5


      primero, si lo vas a usar con una silla gamer que tiene buen relleno de la parte que te sientas, no es para nada necesario el cojín, aparte que te agrega mucha altura y en mi caso que mi silla es alta, al final terminaba con las piernas colgadas, es cómodo, sí, pero gano mucha altura y quedo con las piernas en el aire y me termina molestando.segundo el soporte lumbar, cumple su función, igual usándolo en una silla gamer, si lo volviera a comprar, solo compraría esta parte en cuestión.tercero, lo del gel no se si es solo marketing o que, la verdad no noté mucha diferencia, vivo en un país caliente, tengo aire acondicionado e igual sudaba el soporte lumbar después de un par de horas sentadoconclusión: en mi caso, para usarlo con una silla gamer buena, solo recomendaría el soporte lumbar.

    76. 5 di 5

      Happy Healthy Hawaii – Favorites

      Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow Combo (Patented)I was looking for a Seat Cushion and Lumbar support that does not Bottom Out,does not create pressure points.and This Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow Combo does the job !!!I Love This. Buy it !!!Mahalo Wesley Anzai – Hawaii – 1-2024

    77. 5 di 5


      I use these at work and it definitely makes a difference! My back does feel better. The cushions do seem to retain heat so it does make me warmer. Also, I am readjusting both often after I get up and go sit back down. Would recommend though for back pain relief!

    78. 5 di 5


      Estos dos cojines son muy funcionales y cómodos, sobre todo cuando somos personas bajitas que no apoyamos la espalda en el respaldo de la silla, me ayudó a no sentir dolor en la espalda ni en el coxis. Lo único que podría ser un poco molesto, es la división en el cojín del asiento porque es anatómico y tiene separación para los glúteos, y lo bueno es que su respaldo es ajustable en cuanto a la altura que lo necesitas

    79. 5 di 5

      daniela basagni

      Molto comodo

    80. 5 di 5

      David L. Colley

      Wife loves it.Sbe works from home.

    81. 5 di 5



    82. 5 di 5

      Amazon Customer

      The seat/cushion is exactly what I needed and it is unbelievably comfortable. I have brought both parts to work to use there. I have taken the cushion part home with me and I’ve used it at home whilst working also. I am literally sitting on it now whilst I’m on the couch.I injured a muscle in late December. I am recovering but it can be a slow recovery. This seat/cushion has been a great assistance to me over the last few weeks. I’m glad I’ve brought it hone with me. I need this comfort now!

    83. 5 di 5


      as a successful patient of a lower back disc fusion and some other complications currently being battled due to poor sitting posture, this cushion and lumbar support have greatly helped me and made sitting in my office chair much more tolerable with less effects of poor posture. Well designed and very comfortable. Very glad I bought the set. Packaging and delivery all well done and timely.

    84. 5 di 5

      Cat B.

      J’ai acheté ce coussin suite à une ablation chirurgicale d’un kyste pilonidal. Avant de trouver celui-ci j’en avait acheté plusieurs autres d’autres marques. Mais celui-ci est une véritable bénédiction ! C’est de loin le plus confortable de tous ceux que j’ai testé ! Le soutien lombaire est également top, agrémenter sur ma chaise de bureau il a rendu ma reprise du travail tellement plus agréable. Le prix est cette élevé mais le rendu est véritablement top. Si je l’avais su j’aurai pris directement celui-ci. Je le recommande à 100%.

    85. 5 di 5


      Person I gave this to loves them.

    86. 5 di 5

      Janet C.

      Good quality. Wasnt the right for for my body, but I went for a similar product in the same brand, since the quality design and material was obviously worth it.

    87. 5 di 5

      Scott P. Slattery

      I’m a trucker & my lower back & hips don’t hurt much since I’ve bought this

    88. 5 di 5

      Amazon カスタマー

      お尻が痛くなった。高い買い物だけに買って損した。しかし、Upper Echelon Products JPのサポート対応が良かったよ!商品の返金も対応してくれました。お試し感覚で購入してもいいかもしれません。

    89. 5 di 5

      Hervé CLEMENCE

      Si la qualité est tout à fait correcte, l’efficacité est très relative. Cela peut dépendre de mon mal de dos, mais je l’ai essayé sur différents sièges. Les assises classiques sont trop hautes à mon avis (heureusement je suis grand) et je n’ai pas chez moi une assise avec laquelle le résultat soit probant. Autre solution : 700 euros dans un siège qui peut être inefficace aussi, le mien ne me posant pas de problème en général.

    90. 5 di 5


      Came on time as said. My son loves it for his gaming chair.

    91. 5 di 5

      Amazon Customer

      The seat/cushion is exactly what I needed and it is unbelievably comfortable. I have brought both parts to work to use there. I have taken the cushion part home with me and I’ve used it at home whilst working also. I am literally sitting on it now whilst I’m on the couch.I injured a muscle in late December. I am recovering but it can be a slow recovery. This seat/cushion has been a great assistance to me over the last few weeks. I’m glad I’ve brought it hone with me. I need this comfort now!

    92. 5 di 5


      Nie polecam. Potwornie niewygodne siedzenie.

    93. 5 di 5

      Neha Mittal

      This is not memory foam.

    94. 5 di 5

      Rolanda Clark

      I love the comfort.

    95. 5 di 5


      When you sit down on it ,you don’t want to get up. We have two,we use them at the dinner table, very relaxing and the comfort is great.

    96. 5 di 5

      Doc H.

      That doesn’t mean it’s bad. It means it made my pain worse. I have tender skin on my backside and I was hoping this would help. My problem was it was too hard and made my back hurt more. The top cushion extended too far and made my neck feel dislocated. I need something softer. This was just too much support. I would still say it’s a good product but not for me.

    97. 5 di 5

      Gislaine MathediGislaine Mathedi

      It is exactly what I was looking for and it solved all my pain back.

    98. 5 di 5

      Gonzalo Giovanny Ballesteros Ortiz

      Es cómodo, me permite estar la jornada de 8 horas de una jornada laboral, tranquilo.

    99. 5 di 5

      Carlos rojas

      Muy cómodo para tener en el carro es excelente ya que amortigua bastante la irregularidad del camino lo llevo usando casi un año y no se a deformado esta perfecto

    100. 5 di 5

      Tamara Bun


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